Acacia Hospitality

Experience leads to a wealth of possibilities

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Management Strategy


Our roots are the creation of Kalahari Resorts, an authentic African Waterpark, Resort and Convention experience. To ensure an authentically African adventure, we have extensively travelled the African continent in search of insight, treasures and inspiration. On our travels, we have experienced varied African flora and fauna. As a family, we have fallen in love with the silhouette of an Acacia tree and its ability to provide shade for people, sanctuary for animals, medicine, fruit, nests for birds, a table for two leopards, and a jungle gym to climb for a midday nap. 

The Acacia tree made us think a bit about our approach to business.

The Acacia tree has become a metaphor, a symbol for how we would like to drive sustainable growth for our management company. We enjoy the process of planting the seed of an idea which slowly takes root, providing passion and enthusiasm to help it grow, instilling a healthy paranoia of predators (competition), providing water and sunlight (funding), and overcoming infertile soil or negative conditions on the path to growth.

We are now looking to plant new seeds. Find new partners. And grow new trees.

We believe if you seek open spaces, create favorable conditions through healthy soil, passion and luck, we can help businesses to take root, grow, and flourish over time. We have a simple process that helps us get there.

•    Find fertile ground: To grow we must find water quickly, this means creating positive cash flow through continuous innovation. 
•    Seek a taproot: Try new things each day to find out what works for our guests, creating new "roots" for revenue.
•    Grow many trees: Continue to search for more tap roots, with a beyond expectations guest experience at the center of all innovation.  Provide water to the trees that grow.
•    Care for trees with strong roots: Create a root system based upon our customer journey to ensure each experience has a strong tap root and supports the next growth, with each tree providing water and shade for the next, with the strongest growing tall in search of sunlight.